Oregon PERS

PERS Retirement Illustrations
Understanding the PERS system can be complex and is a very time consuming process. Haven Financial Group uses a unique approach so you can visualize your retirement in an easy to comprehend format.

PERS Monthly Benefit Option (Illustration 1)
There are multiple monthly benefit options available through the Oregon PERS system and choosing the one most beneficial to your household income needs is critical. Our Financial Planning software allows you to see how you will be impacted by inflation, taxes, cost of living increases and life expectancy calculations. The separate Individual Account Program (IAP) is also calculated into this illustration.

PERS Half Lump-Sum Option (Illustration 2)
Oregon PERS allows you to receive a monthly benefit check (Tier 1 or Tier 2 balance) and execute a direct rollover of the “money match” portion to your own Individual Retirement Account. Combined with Social Security Income, the half-lump sum option may be a viable option for your family's investment objectives.

PERS Total Lump-Sum Option (Illustration 3)
This option entails rolling over your entire PERS pension to your own IRA account and a small minority of PERS Members will select this option. Most clients who choose the Total Lump-Sum option have already established a substantial nest-egg and generally have a higher risk tolerance.